Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Capers Island

We leave before 8 AM and head back south on the Waccamaw River to Winyah Bay and make a 90 degree turn on to the Estherville canal by Cat Island. Here the ICW bisects and connects a number of rivers though the former South Carolina rice country, now mostly marsh and the Cape Roman National Wildlife Refuge. There are a few areas that are still raising rice. Very remote area, no houses in sight.

Sabrina, relaxing
By noontime we approach one of a few notorious shallow sections of the South Carolina ICW at McClellanville. We approach around noontime, close to low tide. At one point our depth sounder is reading 4'-5”, our keel is 4'-8”, so with a soft bottom, we are plowing mud for a short period of time.

We bump on the bottom twice attempting to anchor near Capers Island. The chart shows more depth in one area than there actually is. We anchor for the night. Can hear the waves breaking over a mile away at the mouth of Capers Inlet after the wind dies down after dark. I had planned to go ashore at Capers Island, a state owned barrier island, but our outboard was not running well and I did not want to chance having to row back in a strong current. I need to drain the carburetor. I think I may still be getting some water in the fuel. I suspect the cap on our fuel can has a leak and is letting water into the fuel.

Sunset, Capers Island
Sunrise, Capers Island

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