Monday, November 16, 2015


We got our Enterprise rental car and drove straight through to Connecticut and got in around 2:00 AM.

Exert from an email to a very good friend, summed up the week;

“Our boat is at Lady's Island Marina. We got there last Sunday, but rented a car to head to CT to be with my sister who was dealing with my mothers recent medical issues. My mother who was alert and conversational the first day we were there was in rapid decline and was under hospice care her last few days. She passed away peacefully Friday morning. She was in control to the end. She wanted no invasive procedures, she had developed anemia and just wanted to let go. She was 94 and had a life well lived and had an alert mind until her last few days, arguing and joking with the medical staff. Was still telling Linda what furniture of hers to keep and what furniture of ours to get rid of. No one ever had to wonder what was on my mother's mind.”

“We just had another friend about our age who died of cancer last week. Carol who was an avid sailor and Internet geek, so we were in constant touch, she was acting as our weather router until a couple weeks ago. Our mutual friends told me to stay up with the blog, because she checked it every day, even though we emailed constantly, as I did with my mother.  One of these days I am going to hit one of those green or red ICW pole marks, while on autopilot, tapping out emails. I have had a few near hits.”

“We are now heading back to Lady's Island Marina this afternoon” (Saturday, November 21).

In the evening we go to Outback Steak House, one of my mother's favorite places for dinner.

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