Friday, November 13, 2015

Charleston, Day 2

We take the first, 9:30 AM water taxi to the other side of the harbor to tour the Aircraft carrier, Yorktown and a World War 2, diesel submarine. 

Yorktown, Sabrina & Nile
We get back to our marina by 1:30 PM to meet with Claudia and Larry, Sabrina's ride back to Myrtle Beach. We all go to Lunch at the Hominy Grill. The ladies get the Chicken Livers, which are very good, if you like chicken liver. I don't, but if I had to eat chicken liver, this would be the place. We say our good byes at the Hominy Grill and Linda and I have a leisurely walk back to the marina through some interesting neighborhoods.

Nile & Linda
Sabrina & Linda

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