Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Haverstraw Basin

We wake up to a rainy morning, but decide to head down the Hudson to Haverstraw Bay to make a forecast weather window to sail the New Jersey coast. 

It winds up raining all day, missing some great views on the southern Hudson. 

Storm King Mtn to the Right

With the additional cockpit vinyl and canvas that I added this summer the cockpit stays fairly dry. 

Dry under the vinyl

Tow BoatUS was busy they send Sea Tow
We get to Haverstraw Basin where we last hid out from Hurricane Joaquin a few years ago. The entrance has a shallow spot on the north side which is easy to avoid if you pay attention and don’t get complacent. Neither which I did. I followed a track, I loaded from Bob Sherer, a very experienced ICW cruiser, unfortunately I did not follow it all the way in and ran the boat aground about two hours before low tide. We are on mud and clay. We call Tow BoatUS, but by the time they show up I wave them off and decide to wait for a rising tide. 


We relax and have dinner and watch some TV and around 9:00 pm we float off and properly anchor. 

Captain  Dumb-ass having a relaxing evening, except the peas keep rolling of the dinner plate.

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