Saturday, September 15, 2018


We were lucky to get Sam and Aubrey Titus to house sit while we are gone until June. Sam's Aunt Rose and Uncle John were our house-sitters during our last trip. Sam's Mom and John's sister is Brenda, who is the office manager at our dentist office.  Last year Linda again mentioned we were looking for house sitters next year and Brenda said her son and soon to be wife would be moving to the Burlington area next year. Sam and Aubrey moved in last week while we were slowly packing for the boat and cleaning our boat stuff spread all over the house.

Aubrey started teaching in Bristol, nearly an hour commute south. Last week we took Sam and Aubrey to a neighborhood party and Aubrey discovered 3 other teachers on our street that teach in Bristol. So now they all commute together, each driving every fourth week.

Sam, Aubrey and Sam's Parents

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