Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Myrtle Beach Yacht Club

We get up early and are out by 7:15. We are trying to get through “Lockwoods Foley”, one of the notorious inlets adjacent to the ICW, close to high tide. This inlet constantly fills in the ICW after being dredged. The deepest path, takes boats very close to shore and the deepest route constantly changes, so the charts are never right since the navigation aid buoys are constantly being moved to match the changing bottom. 

Lookwoods Foley, the straight channel keeps filling

We get into the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club by 12:15 and are a couple boats down the dock from “Obsession”.

I have been putting off restitching zippers on our Bimini that connect the clear vinyl connector to the Dodger. I actually hand stitched the zippers that were coming apart to avoid pulling out the sewing machine and taking off the Bimini. Today they need more stitching so I set up the sewing machine and take off the Bimini and do it right. Just as I got everything back in place it starts raining.

That evening we go to the “Officers Club”, the restaurant on site and run into Janice and David with their friend Carol.

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