Saturday, November 24, 2018

Cumberland Island

It rains hard all night, at least 4 inches. We wake up to a very foggy morning. No one is leaving and a few boats pull into the Marina face dock from the ICW to wait for the fog to lift. It does not lift and boats start leaving and disappearing into the fog.
Craig & Amy, Jack & Ann

We visit with Craig and Amy from Mystic, Connecticut and get a tour of their Robinhood 33 trawler. Very nice boat. 

"Blue Breeze" into the soup

We help Jack and Ann cast off in the fog. We finally decide to leave although the visibility has not improved much. Listening on the VHF, people are complaining about some close calls with other boats appearing out of the fog. I decide to take an alternate route off the ICW further from the ocean and the shallow bar that the ICW passes over in St Andrews sound. I heard one other boater on the VHF taking that route. 

My buoy spotter

Be careful out there

We proceed slowly watching for the next buoy to appear out of the fog. We do not see any other boats on this route and have plenty of depth along the whole route. Kind of spooky navigating through this soup. We can see waves breaking on the adjacent shoals on our route. 

Our Alternate route (Purple), ICW ocean route on the right

As we finally rejoin the ICW the fog starts to lift, just after noontime. We get to Cumberland Island anchorage around 3 PM. 


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