Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Jacksonville Free Dock

Still windy in the morning, but the wind has shifted to the north instead of the west which had been funneling down the west to east entrance to the marina, which would of made it harder to negotiate the tight spacing between docks.
We leave for a short day to the Jacksonville Free Docks with the wind on our backs. With full vinyl and sun we are quite warm in the enclosure. I was expecting not to see any boats at the dock since we arrived around 1:30. We were surprised to see 3 other boats already tied up. People from some of the other boats come over to grab our lines and help us tie up. After a late lunch we go for a walk. By evening we have had long conversations with all our dock mates. One young couple, had their mast damaged in St. Augustine on the dock when a large motor yacht went by creating a large enough wake that their mast rocked over enough to hit the floating dock pilings. The boat immediately behind us had Burlington Vermont on its stern, but it has been years since the boat was there. Another couple from Arizona divides their time between their coach RV and their sailboat.
Jacksonville Free dock, through the vinyl

Since it is still cool and there is no power at this dock, we make a pizza to warm up the boat.

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