Sunday, December 23, 2018

Lake Worth

Moonsetting over Sea Vu Play
We have a short day traveling to Lake Worth so there is no rush to get going. I make pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast while brushing my teeth I take a long look at the catamaran behind us and realize it is “Adrenalin” owned by a young couple, Billy and Seria, whose YouTube videos (Tula’s Endless Summer) we follow. They travel up and down the east coast and the Bahamas. We had run into them at the Annapolis boat show back in October. Their “home port” just south of Peck Lake is Jupiter. They must be sleeping in and we don’t see any activity on the boat.


As I pull up the anchor I tell Linda to head for the green buoy. Unfortunately the one I intended was obscured behind an anchored sailboat out of my sight at the moment. We quickly go aground in the shallow area. After a few minutes of maneuvering I get the boat free, with a falling tide I was worried we would be spending the day here waiting for the tide to come back up to float us off. We have lots of Bascule bridges today with some tight timing between the ones that open at fixed times.

We get to Lake Worth around 1:30 and anchor just south Lake Worth Inlet. Until the mid-19th century Lake Worth was a fresh water lake fed by the Everglades. Inlets were opened to the ocean for commerce making it a salt water lagoon.

We anchor, but with the opposing current and wind the boat wanders all over the place. We spend the rest of the day on the boat and intend to head out on the ocean to get to Fort Lauderdale and avoid the 18 Bascule bridges between Lake Worth and Fort Lauderdale on the ICW.
Sunset on Lake Worth

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