Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Vero Beach

Before we can leave I have to hand crank up the anchor. The safety switch has been failing and I have procrastinated replacing it with the spare I bought back in the Chesapeake. I get a little more morning exercise than I was planning on. My aching back !

We get into Vero Beach at 2PM and refuel the boat and as usual the Municipal Marina pumpout is not working. We also pickup a number of packages we have mailed to the marina here. We head to mooring #22 recommended by Mark. Mark and Karen have been here for a couple days already. Since the pumpout is not working the benefit of Mooring #22 is it is the closest to the dinghy dock and the bathrooms. We share the mooring with 2 other boats.

I spend some time searching for a replacement heat exchanger on the internet and have a couple choices. The least expensive also claims same day shipping. It place the order with them.

Another cool evening and after dinner on the boat we walk over to the beach side to Mulligains for their famous Key Lime pie for dessert. I is quite cool and there few people in the restaurant, that is normally crowded. A cold night (in the 50's) in Vero Beach is like a snow storm at home, no one goes out, the streets are deserted. We are disappointed with their “Key Lime Pie”. They changed the recipe, it is now really Key Lime Cake, good, but not Key Lime Pie !
"Cutie-Pie" and desert

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