Thursday, April 11, 2019

Great Sale Cay

We check out at 8:00am with Mark and Karen. Not a lot of wind and we motor-sail with both sails up. After a long day we drop anchor at Great Sale Cay. No one lives on Great Sale, currently. NASA had a tracking station in the early space program, but only foundations remain. There are about 12 other boats here using Great Sail as a way point on coming and going to Florida. To night SpaceX is scheduled to launch their heavy lift rocket. I can just barely get a cell signal and try to track the launch delays figuring we can see it. I tell Mark and Karen what direction to watch and keep texting the delay times. I get busy cooking dinner on the grill and miss seeing anything, but Mark and Karin do see the rocket high in the sky. Well, at least I did not burn the steaks.
SpaceX Heavy Lift, Karen's picture

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