Friday, April 19, 2019

Titusville, Donuts


Mark and I go for an early walk to “Donuts 4U”, that has been highly recommended. It is a family run shop in what looks to be and old Dunkin Donuts store. Many of their selections look like some of the popular Dunkin Donuts offerings or at least Dunkin Donuts of 30 years ago. 
We both get a half dozen to go. 

While Mark and I go for our long donut walk Linda is cleaning our stainless Steel rails back on the boat. The Thunderstorms that we came here to avoid are crossing the state and by afternoon they start reaching the east coast of Florida. Friends in Fort Myers complain about damage they have at their house a few hours before. 


The coming Front

Fortunately for us, the worst passes just to the south and we only get wind and rain, no lightning. The skies clear just before sunset.

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