Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Thoroughfare Creek



By morning the wind dies and we are just motoring. Still had rolly seas which is now rather annoying without the sails steadying the boat. Unfortunately by the time we reach Winyah Bay, outlet of the Waccamaw River were we get back into the ICW, we have an outgoing current on our nose, greatly slowing us down. 

Blue fresh water of the Waccamaw, top, flowing into the ocean

Once we finally head up the Waccamaw River the river calms down and we anchor at Thoroughfare Creek, where we stopped in the Fall. I put down our dinghy and pick up Mark and Karen to tour the canals of what appear to be a failed development. There are a few houses with boats on the water. Most only have water access to their property.

Canals off the Creek

We are anchored next to the Sandy Island Preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy, which is part of the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge. This area was rice country before the Civil war and the fresh water river tides were used to flood the fields.
We have our last Happy Hour on Sea Vu Play. Mark and Karen are going to leave early tomorrow morning and see if they can take advantage of the good forecast and make a dash for home in New Bern, NC. They will be heading to St. James Plantation Marina for tonight. We will be taking a short trip 10 miles or so to Osprey Marina for two days to visit with Linda’s niece and son.

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