Thursday, March 31, 2016

Eleuthera, Rock Sound

Up at 6:00 AM and again we pull anchor by 7:00AM and head for Rock Sound, Eleuthera.
Leaving Little San Salvador
 Very rolly and windy and we have just the head sail out. We get rolled enough that the dinghy in the davits just touches the water a couple times. I am getting a little concerned that one of these rollers might break on our open stern sending water into our cockpit. Finally as we start up the west side of Eleuthera the waves settle down for a much more comfortable sail. We dodge a couple squalls, but still get enough rain to wash the salt off our decks and canvas. This is good because I need to do some sewing repairs to our dodger when we get to Rock Sound. Again as we come around the western end of Eleuthera we are now on a close reach and the waves are coming over the bow and spraying the whole boat in salt water, so much for our rain shower wash down.

We all drop anchor in Rock Sound around 2:00 PM. We head to the grocery store, one of the best in the Bahamas. Mark and Karen also makes a run to fill their empty rail fuel tanks. They come over to our boat for drinks and appetizers and then we head to Sammy's for dinner and are back on the boat at 8:30. Mark and Karen are leaving early tomorrow for Black Point in the Exumas, where their son is flying into, to sail with them for a week.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Little San Salvador

We leave with Sea Vu Play at 7:00 AM and motor-sail most of the way to Little San Salvador. We arrive around 1:30 PM. Little San Salvador is owned by the Holland Line and is used as a day beach for cruise ships. 
This is a beach bar at Little San Salvador, no customers today
Fortunately there are no cruise ships here today or tomorrow. We go ashore and walk around the facility. There are just a few workers here now. After dinner we head over to Sea Vu Play for a round of games. We see a couple dolphins just off the stern of their boat. The first dolphins Linda and I have seen in the Bahamas.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cat Island, New Bight , Day 2

Spent all day on the boat working on various projects. Tried a few more things on the router before giving up, it's toast. After lunch around 2:30 Mark and Karen come over for drinks and appetizers. Just before dinner I made a run to shore with the last of our garbage and then put the dinghy up in the davits for an early start tomorrow for Little San Salvador, halfway point between Cat and Eleuthera islands.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Cat Island, New Bight

We sleep in and mid morning motor north 5 miles to New Bight our original destination. There are 8 or so other boats in the anchorage. We walk up to the Hermitage on Mt Alvernia (206 feet), the highest point in the Bahamas. 

Hiking to the Hermitage
The Hermitage is a ¼ scale monastery built by Monsignor Jerome Hawkes, who came to the Bahamas as an architect and an Anglican priest to repair Anglican churches on Long Island and became a Roman Catholic Priest.

The Hermitage
On the way back we stop at Hidden Treasures, a beach bar/restaurant, and order Lobster for dinner. Monday after Easter is a holiday in the Bahamas, so no fishermen have brought the owner any lobster. She will see what she can track down. We head back to the boat for a swim to cool off. Before dinner we head to the bath house that was recently built on the beach for visiting cruisers. Very nice facility with hot water. Interesting construction, don't think I have ever seen a hollow core door with a traditional door knob used for a shower door.

Dinner at Hidden Treasures
Anyways we head over to Hidden Treasures for our grilled lobster and a Mango Daiquiri. The owner is out of frozen mix so we bring our own Mango which she uses to make the drink.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cat Island, Old Bight

We leave at 7:00 AM and as soon as we get pass Long Island we are dealing with some pretty good swells from the Atlantic. Unfortunately the period between waves is rather short making for a rough trip requiring hand steering since it is too much for the autopilot to handle well. 

Wind Lass

My favorite old white water life jacket, good protect bouncing around on a sailboat

The wind is blowing around 20 knots out of the southeast and we are looking forward to getting around the southern end of Cat to get some relief from the wind and waves. Well it wasn't to be. After 40 miles of an upper body workout at the wheel, we head northeast to the Bight of Cat for the last 10 miles and the wind kicks up to 25 to 30 knots, SOB! Smaller waves, but now they are breaking over the bow of the boat. We take in even more sail than we had previously. Well, the only good news is Fisherman Mark catches a Maui Maui over a seamount just south of Cat. The Tartar bank rises to a depth of 40 feet where the surrounding ocean floor is ½ mile down. We get a dinner invite over the VHF. The only problem we have is finding a calm anchorage. Mark suggests we head further south to Old Bight and tuck up close to the lee shore. It is not until the last ½ mile that the white caps disappear. We anchor and head into shore to walk along the beach. Since we are on the lee shore it is quite calm where we land the dinghies, although we can see the white caps building out just beyond where are boats are anchored.

Linda makes her Broccoli salad and we have an excellent fish dinner on Sea Vu Play. Played 5's (Dominos) and head back to our boat around 9:00 PM. The winds have dropped off considerably by then.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Long Island, Calabash Bay, Day 2

After breakfast on the boat Linda & I and Mark & Karen explored some of the mangrove creeks around Galliot Cay which the Santa Maria Resort is on. Galliot Cay is connected by a small bridge to Long Island.

Santa Maria Resort

Our well buried anchor
Manana down under

Then we head back to the Santa Maria Resort for leisurely lunch. The food was excellent. We spend the rest of the afternoon on the boat and get ready for an early start tomorrow to sail to Cat Island on the open waters between Long Island and Cat.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Long Island, Calabash Bay

We leave with Sea Vu Play by 8:00 AM for Calabash Bay on the north end of Long Island. Being on the leeward side of the island we have a nice sail, protected from the swells from the Atlantic. We arrive around 1:30 PM. It is still blowing in the high teens so still a bit of chop at the anchorage.

Later in the afternoon we all head into the Happy Hour at the Santa Maria Resort and meet a number of other cruising couples also on their way north.

Brian Schumacher "Wind Lass", Pete & Dee Schwarz "Tanda Tula", Denise Schumacher, Dan & Debbie Taylor "Lady Hawk"

We invite Mark and Karen over for dinner, Spaghetti and salad and a movie. The dinner was good, the movie wasn't.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Long Island, Day 4

We rented the car noon to noon, so we head out at 7:00AM, for our drive north on the island to the Stella Maris Resort for breakfast. 
Breakfast with Linda, Karen and Mark
 Then we head to the Columbus Monument on the north end of the island marking one of the many sights where Columbus “first saw” land in North America. The monument glosses over the fact that the Spanish shipped off all the native Indians (40,000) from the various islands to enslavement in Cuba and Hispaniola over the next 30 years after his arrival. The islands remained depopulated for the next 150 years. 

Columbus Monument
Manana sails south of the Tropic of Cancer

We return the car at noon time. Quickest car rental return ever. Since we paid cash we just leave the key under the floor mat and we are done. Stopped for lunch at the Sou' Side and back to the boat. I tried to revive our WiFi router which “bricked” itself, which means the software is corrupted and all it is good for is a brick. To get internet on the boat from a WiFi source, now, we have to plug our booster directly into the ethernet connector on one of our laptops. Only our oldest laptop has an ethernet connector, new ones are WiFi only. Fortunately good cell coverage in the Bahamas gives us most of our internet access using our cell phone as a hotspot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Long Island, Day 3

Finally remembered to turn on the VHF radio to listen to the morning Net at 8:15 AM.

Linda calls Sabrina and learns Claudia died around 4:30 AM. We knew her recent prognosis was dire, but when we visited with her and her husband Larry in November we fully expected to see them both in the spring heading north. Claudia did not want any services, so we will see Larry in May.

We go ashore to pick up the rental car that I reserved yesterday with Mark and Karen at noontime for 24 hours. Before Mark and I pick up the car we take a short detour and check out a local cave close by. Impressive cave. The main section is about 600 feet long and is open on both ends. Easy walk through. Lots of bats hanging around.
Light at the end of the tunnel (Cave)

Caveman Mark

We drive south on Long Island and have lunch at the Outer Edge Grill at the Flying Fish Marina in Clarence Town on the south east coast. 
A Father Jerome, built Church in Clarence Town

Drove as far south as we could on Long Island. We also drive down a side road to get to a beach on the Atlantic side. On the way north we stopped at Dean's Blue hole where they have the free diving championship every year in the 650 foot deep blue hole. 

Deans Blue Hole
For dinner we stop at Club Washington for Happy Hour and their weekly cruiser dinner. Met up with Gail & Bruce “Aquarlle” and other cruisers and a bunch of other north Americans living on Long Island for the winter. Back to our boats and Mark & Karen come over to play Dominos.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Long Island, Day 2

Another day of wind and clouds. The wind is starting to swing to the northeast, but at 20 knots with higher gusts we are still getting a pretty good chop around the boat with only 1/3 of a mile fetch from the shore. Had to run the generator this morning, too many clouds the last couple days for the solar to keep up. I need to equalize our batteries, except that function does not seem to work on our new ProMariner charger. The vendor's email help is useless, they automatically reply they will get right back to me but they never do.

After lunch we went ashore to fuel up our rail gas cans and visit the Bureau of Tourism for WIFI. Mark & Karen need to find a notary and mail out some paperwork. The manager there drives them around to the necessary places to complete their tasks, which takes over an hour. 

Late in the afternoon we attend a cruiser get together on the beach.
Dinghy parking
Many friends we first met back in January

Back on the boat Linda calls her younger sister Sabrina.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Long Island, Day 1

This is a VHF cruiser net run by a local resident, but we forget to turn on the radio soon enough to listen. We hear someone call “Krazy Lady”. There can only be one “Krazy Lady” and sure enough it is Anne Gates who we were docked next to in Nassau. We chat on the radio and Ann later stops by for a quick visit.

Later in the morning we go ashore and check out the local market, which is very well stocked with just about anything we could need, even ice cream. After checking out the liquor store we head over to the Sou'side Bar and Grill for lunch. Good food and good prices, with a view high above the water. Before for we order we feed our devices a good meal of WiFi.
Sou'side Bar and Grill

Ann and Jim & Martha “Togwotee” walk by with a load of grocery’s and are heading to the dinghy dock and back to their boats. About 15 minutes later, they are back. The water was fairly rough at the dinghy dock and they decide to come back and chill for a while. Jim & Martha have an Allied Seabreeze and are from Claiborne, Maryland.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Long Island

Time to escape George Town. Still fairly rough, so I put on my bathing suit and make one last water run into town.

Garbage in back, cash in window

Antares, a Vermont boat

Antares (Leonard and Lynnea Rosner) from Lake Champlain, VT, LCYC members who we last saw at Fernandina, Florida early in December. We did not get a chance to stop by to visit, but did talk with them on the radio. They said there was a third Vermont boat in the anchorage, but I missed the name.  

Long Island got hit hard by Hurricane Joaquin and potable water is in short supply and expensive. “Sea Vu Play” leaves before us. We have very good wind and sail all the way to Long Island under reefed sails. Sea Vu Play gets to Thompson Bay way ahead of us. They out distance us and we loose sight of them half way to Long Island about 40 miles from George Town. The normal cruiser happy hour on Sunday at Thompson Bay does not happen, so we have our own happy hour on our boat, with Mark & Karen.

Mark & Karen spent almost two weeks here and know a number of cruisers and locals here. Mark did a lot of volunteer work on One couple Bruce & Gayle “Aquarelle”, who we all met at Bimini and Great Harbor, have a small home they had built here. They spend six months or so here in the winter and spring. Their boat is anchored in Thompson Bay, not far from us.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

George Town, Day 4

Worked on the boat and figured out how to make Skype calls using the BTC data package on our Bahama SIM card iPhone, from the boat. Unfortunately, the version of Skype on the old iPhone does not work, but using it as a hotspot via Blue Tooth we connect it to Linda's iTouch and can make fairly decent phone calls. The voice data rate is only about 1MB per minute, which figures out at about 33 hours of voice on our 2GB a month data plan. I wish I had figured this out sooner. Linda needed to call her sister Claudia later today. We call our kids and friends testing out the connection.

At noontime we all head to the Chat n Chill for lunch. Chat n Chill is well named. You order your lunch and you get to chill for an hour before it is ready.
The ladies leaving Chat n Chill

 After the appropriate waiting period we get back in the dinghies and go snorkeling by some caves in one of the Hurricane hole harbors on Stocking Island. Rather murky water, so not much to see. We forgot the dinghy ladder, but Linda did manage to climb back into the dinghy using the outboard as a step, with much effort. She doesn't plan on doing that again.

At least we were in our bathing suits because we had a very wet ride back to our boats. We stay on the boat for the rest of the day. Too rough to bother with going any where else.

Linda calls her sister Claudia, who is under hospice care and her husband Larry.

Friday, March 18, 2016

George Town, Day 3

We get up early and went to breakfast at Red Boom, next to the Exuma Market, with Mark and Karen. We all bring our iPads/computers for their free WiFi. Later Linda and I get haircuts. Linda did some more food shopping and I load our water jugs. Exuma Market provides free RO (Reverse Osmosis) water at the dinghy dock.
Exuma Market Dinghy dock
 Then after lunch I take the dinghy back in for a 10 hour check up of our new Yamaha outboard. It has been running better after I lower the break in oil/fuel ratio that was fouling the plugs. After the check up it runs even better.

After dinner Mark & Karen come over to play Dominos.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

George Town, Day 2

After and early breakfast we all hike to the east side of Stocking Island and go for a long walk on the beach, looking for shells. Not much luck. 

Karen & Mark

More New Burn, NC, people, Mark, Linda, Karen, Marsha & Doug Peterson (with their friend Carol between)
After lunch, I kick Linda off the boat and take her over to “Sea Vu Play” for the afternoon, while I change the engine oil, transmission fluid, install a new water pump and new alternator belt. Some much easier to work on this stuff with no one else on the boat..

In the evening we all go to BBQ night at Peace n Plenty . Played cards and listen to the live band after dinner.

BBQ night at Peace n Plenty

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

George Town, Day 1

We head to George Town for diesel, water and some provisions. Have lunch and WIFI at “Peace n Plenty” a hotel on the water that we like. While we are there we get an email from Mark and Karen “Sea Vu Play” that they are sailing back to George Town and will be there in a couple hours. While we were stuck in Nassau they apparently toured all of the central Bahamas and are now our personal guides to Long Island and beyond.

We move our boat to Sand Dollar Beach with them to avoid the noise at Chat n Chill. We have happy hour on our boat, it is good to see them, have missed them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

George Town

After breakfast, the three of us go for a walk to the Atlantic side of Lee Stocking Island. 
Linda and Sarah

Caribbean Marine Research Center

Sarah on the move
We get back to the boat around noontime and Sarah takes off on her kayak and we have a quick swim and take off for George Town, motoring most of the way. We drop anchor in George Town off Stocking Island near the Chat n Chill around 6:30 PM. Made the mistake of anchoring out from the Chat n Chill Generator which did not shut down until 11:00 PM and we also had to suffer through Disco night which they felt compelled to play for the whole anchorage to hear.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lee Stocking Island

For breakfast we have French-Toast made with our coconut bread, excellent.

Late morning we head south to Lee Stocking Island. The northern half of the Island hosted the CMRC, Caribbean Marine Research Center, which was created by the Perry Institute for Marine Sciences by in 1984 to address environmental degradation and other marine problems. John Perry who recently died at 89 owned a number of newspapers in Florida and the Bahamas, became interested in oceanography and created the Perry Institute after selling a number of his newspapers. In recent years NOAA funded the center as part of its funding for Pacific and Atlantic ocean research. Around 2009 the two chairmen in control of funding, Senator Ted (“bridge to no where”) Stevens of Alaska and Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii decided to pull all the NOAA funding to the Pacific where their states coincidentally are. The center quickly closed. Many cruisers who stopped to visit shortly after said it looked like the researchers were given and hour to pack and leave. All the equipment was left in place. Even today there are still old computers in some offices. Most of the place is slowly falling apart from lack of maintenance.

We take the dinghy to a beach on the south side of the island to climb Perry Peak, the highest spot in the Exumas. 
Climbing Perry's Peak
When we pull up onto the beach we meet a kayaker, who we assume was from one of the nearby sailboats. 

Sarah the adventurer

Sarah and Linda
Turns out the kayaker Sarah Marley, from Kokomo, Indiana, is traveling on the smallest cruising “yacht” around. She has been out for 5 days solo or so traveling in the southern Exumas, camping on beaches, carrying all her water. Her legs are covered in mosquito bites, from her last campsite. After we come back down from our “mountain” climb we invite her to have dinner with us on the boat, a fresh water shower and spend the night, sleeping in our aft cabin. Linda has various creams and stuff to help her with the bug bites. Sarah enjoyed dinner and a rum & coke on ice after 5 days of freeze dried food and protein bars. Sarah is a very interesting young woman, about to graduate for the second time from college, but this time in computer programming management and has a job lined up in Austin, Texas, after she graduates. She is now on her spring break adventure, one of her many travel adventures that must drive her mother nuts.

Another warm night on the boat, fans run all night. Quite an improvement from being cold in Nassau.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cave Cay

Finally the winds moderate and we get up early to sail to Cave Cay. We had planned to have breakfast on the way. Before we leave the harbor the engine quits. We quickly drop anchor and I start investigating what the problem is. Completely checked the fuel system and had good flow. The fuel filter bowl was nice and clean. So at this point the obvious question became, did I put water in the diesel ? So I pump out some “fuel” from the system into an empty plastic coke bottle and it looks fine. I add some diesel fuel from our rail cans into the coke bottle and instantly see separation of oil and water. SOB ! I had a couple of extra gallons of water the day before and opened the wrong filler cap on one of our three water tanks which Catalina was nice enough to place side by side with the diesel filler cap. Since oil (fuel) floats on water, I used a spare fuel pump to suck out the remaining water from the bottom of the fuel tank and then purged water from the fuel system on the engine. It now runs so much better on diesel than water. So now our early start is a noon-time start.

By now there is no wind and we motor to Cave Cay and arrive there around 2:30 PM. It is hot and near 90 degrees. We tour around the island in the dinghy and a quick isolated shower blows through which was quite refreshing. Rum and Coke over ice and appetizers for happy hour. We sit outside under the shade until after sundown as it is still quite warm.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Black Point Day 5

Took the dinghy to the beach where it is calm enough to check out a number of things on the Yamaha outboard. Still was running a little rough. Had lunch in the afternoon again at DeShannon's and shared a table with David Falls & Nancy White who own a Monk 36 “Peapod”. They are from Ottawa, Ontario and we have fun talking with them.

We stop by Lorraine’s Cafe to see if her Mom is still baking bread as she had two years ago. We can not find Lorraine, but we notice Lorraine's Mom, Paymen Rolle, sitting out in front of her house, so we ask if she is still making bread. Being late in the day we did not expect she would have any left. Well, we hit the jackpot, she just finished baking bread and had lots of warm fresh bread, so we bought two loafs, plain and coconut.

Lorraine's Mom, Paymen Rolle.  Sure smells good in here !

Friday, March 11, 2016

Black Point, Day 4

Refilled our water tanks with our 4, 5 gallons folding jugs from the free water tap on shore that Black Point provides for the cruisers. Takes a little bit of work and a few trips. While I am doing that, Linda is polishing our stainless steel rails that are developing rust after months on salt water. After dinner, Ryan & Renee come over to our boat to learn how to play dominoes and for dessert.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Black Point Day 3

We have breakfast early and head to the Rockside Laundry to actually do laundry.
Rockside Laundramat from the dinghy dock

Most of the boats in the harbor have been here longer than us and apparently did their laundry before we got here, because Linda is almost finished with our stuff before anyone else shows up. Well, so much for buying the machine tokens the day before, to beat the early morning rush. The Laundry is open 24 hours a day, but you can only buy tokens when the store is open. Unfortunately we need one more token and have to wait for Ida, the owner to open the store. Ida has to quickly leave because the Wednesday mail boat is in, note this is Thursday not Wednesday. Ah, the Bahamas.
Mailboat Day, busy dock, people picking up their stuff.
Linda offers to mind the store and sell tokens for Ida. 
Linda's new part time job working for Ida
After we finish laundry and Ida returns we head out for a long walk to the south side of Black Point. When we return we head to DeShannons for a very nice lunch. We run into a couple from England that we met two years ago, first at Ladies Island, South Carolina at Thanksgiving and later again in the Bahamas. They had sailed over from England on a Catamaran and we had assumed they sailed back. Well, they now leave their boat in Florida each spring and head back to England for the summer.

We head back to Rockside Laundry and take our laundry back to the boat. A minute later Linda looks back to see our dinghy drifting quickly away from our boat. The dinghy rope is still tied to Manana. With the high winds the dinghy is moving too fast to swim after it. Someone quickly announces on the VHF that a dinghy is on the loose. Dave & Polly “Illusions” from New Bern, next to us have already sprung into action and chase down our dinghy in theirs, not an easy task with all this wind. A handle on our dinghy, that I tied the dinghy line I had assumed to be plastic coated metal turns out to be all plastic and after four years, broke.

Later in the afternoon we go to happy hour at Scorpios with Lisa and Craig to play dominoes. On the way we run into Gary and Heather “Maewyn” and invite them to join us, which they do later. Gary's parents are on the boat with their boys, so they get shore leave for a couple hours. 

Gary, Linda, Lisa, Heather and Craig

Linda, Lisa & Heather

Ryan and Renee “Poerava” join us and we have a good time, but never get around to playing dominoes. We talk until it is almost dark and then head back to our boats. Our new Yamaha is running a little rough lately so Lisa and Craig escort us back to our boat.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Black Point, Day 2

Worked on some projects on the boat in the morning. After lunch we went ashore and walked to the Atlantic side of the island to check out the surf from all this wind.

Has been blowing 20-25 knots. In the afternoon we go to a sailor's get together at the Rockside Laundry. This place is more than just a laundry it is a social hub for cruisers, dinghy dock, store, showers, haircuts. A new large gazebo and other chairs with a view of the whole harbor makes it a nice place to hang out. 
Happy hour at the Laundry
Later many of us head to Lorraine’s Cafe for the weekly cruisers dinner.

Dinner at Lorraine's Cafe

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Black Point

We leave early for Black Point and sail the first leg and then have to motor directly into the wind for the last 6 miles. Waves and wind on the nose drops our speed considerably and it takes an hour longer than the normal two hour sail from Staniel to Back Point. It is blowing pretty hard at the anchorage, but at least there is no real current. It took two tries to get the anchor to set. After lunch we head to shore. Nice to have the 15HP outboard to get up on plane for a drier ride with all the wind driven chop in the harbor. We go to Happy Hour at Scorpios and meet up the Liza and Craig “Second Spree” who have been at Black Point for a couple days. We also meet Ryan and Renee Klapper “Poerava” full time cruisers on a Catamaran.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Staniel Cay, Day 2

We hung out on the boat for the morning. Around noontime a lot of boats were coming to the Thunderball Grotto to snorkel. 
entrance to Thunderball Grotto

 After lunch we headed over there ourselves. The same current we were experiencing at out anchorage was flowing through the Grotto making it hard to snorkel. 

Inside Thunderball Grotto

Linda gave up and deserted me for the dinghy and I did not last much longer. The last two times here we had no current to deal with. We gave up and went back to the boat.

Manana in background, dinghy in foreground

We washed up and headed back into town to go to General Isles store. On our way we ran into Heather “Maewyn” and her sons Arleigh and Sam walking with Gary's Mom. Gary and his Dad were back on the boat. We all walk to General Isles, because we are told they have ice cream. Even the sign on their door says they have ice cream, but like most establishments in the Bahamas that display permanently attached “Open” signs, it is true sometimes, just not today.

We all walk back towards the dinghy basin and stop at the “Pink” store. They score a pint of ice cream and they sit down by the beach with their spoons and enjoy it before it melts. Another night a strong winds and current. No reason to hang around here any longer and we will leave in the morning for Black Point which has good protection from the east winds that are suppose to increase for the next few days.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Staniel Cay

Had a squall come through last night, early in the morning. Finally got the boat washed off. We were a little slow waking up and closing the hatches. The bed sheet got a little damp. Fortunately we were in an anchorage with 360 degree protection. Boats in anchorages with protection from the easterly trades winds, but open to the west had a rough couple hours as the squall came from the west.

Left around 9:00AM and were anchored at Staniel Cay by 1:00 PM. After we had lunch we dinghied to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. We walked to the one store that was opened and ran into Heidi & David “Frosty” walking their dogs. They were staying on the dock at Staniel, because they were getting the prop on their outboard fixed. With two dogs you have to have shore access. They got very little sleep last night because the docks here are exposed to the west and they were being bounced against the docks a good part of the night.

We had a very windy night, but were fairly protected from the east winds by Staniel Cay, but the wind driven current from the cut just north of Staniel Cay kept a 2 or 3 knot current flowing east to west through our anchorage regardless of the changing tides.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cambridge, Aquarium

In the morning we go for a hike on Cambridge Cay, by Bell Rock. 
Bell Rock

Lisa, Craig, Linda & Nile

 On the way back along the trail we run into Craig and Lisa and we all decide to head back to “The Aquarium” for the afternoon. More clouds and people this time so the snorkeling was not quite as good as yesterday.

The fish are used to people feeding them here and as soon as I jump in the water I am “attacked” by a flock of Parana’s or were they Sargent Majors? I get them confused. Lets see I have all ten fingers, they must have been Sargent Majors. I even had one nip me on the back for not coughing up some corn.

Give me some corn Dammit !
Queen Angel, Linda's favorite

Craig and Lisa came over to our boat after dinner for coffee and dessert and to play Mexican Train Dominoes.