Sunday, May 7, 2023


After a long day yesterday we don't get up until 7:30AM. All the other boats in the anchorage are gone. Beautiful, sunny day and two well rested sailors. Not much wind early on we are motor sailing with just the jib out and the wind on our stern. We are quickly on the wide Neuse River under rather calm conditions.

In the afternoon the wind picks up out of the northwest, on the nose on some points of sail as we cross the Pamlico River and then head north up the Pungo River. By the time we get to Behaven it is getting rather windy. We anchor close the the west shore to lessen the fetch and a rather calm evening even with all the wind.

We get a text from our son Dana that his wife Lori has had a seizure and was in the emergency room.  We call back later, but no test results, yet.  Lori seems fine now, but has no history of seizures.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Adams Creek

to Adams Creek Video

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We are up a 4:00 AM and pull the anchor at 5:00. Full Moon makes it easy getting out of the harbor. Even so I turn on the radar incase some dark hulled boat does not have their anchor light on. 


Wrightville Beach anchorage looking south at the Full Moon


More Moon


Who needs the sun with this moon ?





 As we approach Beaufort, NC "Privateer", who we meet on our last trip, passes us.  I have been watching them on AIS, gaining on us all afternoon and have been texting them during the day.


Extremely flat sea, just gent swells. Linda was concerned about how rough it would be and took meclizine and made her rather sleepy. The latter 1/3 of the trip the winds picked up on the nose and I had to put up some vinyl to stay dry from the waves. We go all the way to Adams Creek and anchor around 7:00PM between the crab pots.




Friday, May 5, 2023

Wrightsville Beach

to Wrightsville Beach Video

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Leaving St. James Planation



We leave at 7:00 am to try to catch the last of the flood current up the Cape Fear River. Nice day, but still a little cool. Currents were mostly in our favor and we arrive at noontime. We have made a date for dinner at Tower 7 a favorite Mexican restaurant with Roger and Chrisy since we all planned to be here today.


Cape Fear Ferry


Container ship heading to Wilmington, NC


When we pull into the anchorage we see Belladventure anchored. They had just done an overnight from Fernandina and just anchored about an hour before us. I don’t bother them since I assume they are sleeping. I put the dinghy in the water and wash a very dirty water line. We met Roger and Chrisy for dinner around 5:00. We were a little worried it would be too crowded not realizing before hand this is Cinco De Mayo, but no problem we get seats.













Roger and Chrisy's boat (dark hull)


Back at the boat with pack up for an very early start tomorrow. We have good weather for going off shore to Beaufort, NC which will save us 2-3 days in the ICW. Will not have wind for sailing, but motoring will be good. Belladventure and another boat they traveled with for a couples days will be making the same run.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

St. James Plantation

Cool morning on the ICW

We leave at 7:00am for a long run to St. James Plantation. We have another cool and windy day in the ICW. We get into the Marina at 4:00PM and first fuel up and pumpout, before heading to our slip. Filled the water tanks and plugged into dock power, we are going to need heat tonight.

We have dinner at “315” the new restaurant at the Marina. We have another good dinner. The old restaurant “Tommy Thompson” was a little better, but Covid did them in. 

Sockateese Bridge

Barefoot Landing Bridge

Sailing Trumpster

St. James Plantation


Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Osprey Marina, Charla

I work on fixing problems I have been having with my iPads. Reload Aquamaps on the New iPad Air 5 and do a factory reset of my old iPad Air2 and just install Aquamaps. Both are working much better in the following days.

Linda does laundry and then after lunch we get our propane can topped off.

Linda does laundry We met Charla at Texas Road House. Since her son and girl friend who both live with her are Vegans, she has a craving for a steak. We tell her to get a big one since we are buying dinner and she has lots of left overs. We have a good visit. 


Nile, Charla & Linda

 After we return the car to Enterprise and Uber back to the Marina. We clean up the boat to prepare to leave in the morning. 

Evening at Osprey


Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Osprey Marina

  Prince Creek to Osprey Video

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We have a relaxing morning since we only have a short distance to go to Osprey Marina. Cool morning so I make muffins to heat up the boat a little. We only have 9 miles or so to go and are at Osprey be 10:30. We get and easy docking this time on one side of the fuel dock. We take showers and have lunch on the boat. 

Leaving Prince Creek

Osprey always gives a guest goodie bag, which I am amazed they still do since they are the least expensive marina on the ICW. They goodie bag has less in it each time we stop, but we still get a jar of Pepper Jam, which we always rave about. I buy an Osprey medium shirt, had to take it off the wall display since all folded shirts are XXL. The manager comes out the door after I walked out and she tells me they over charged me $1.00 and hands me another jar of Pepper Jam to compensate me.

We take an Uber to Enterprise to rent a car at 1:00PM. Enterprise no longer “picks you up” unless you live next door. We go to Costco (first time this year) and Best Buy to get a better charger for my iPad Air 5.

Back at the boat we put everything away. We do not hear back from Charla until later and she says tomorrow night would be better for her for dinner. So we head out to Red Robin for a quick dinner. We have never been to a Red Robin, don’t need to go out of my way to do that again. Another stop at Walmart and Food Lion and then back to the boat.


Manana on the gas dock, an easy in and out


Monday, May 1, 2023

Prince Creek

Isle of  Palms to Prince Creek Video

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We are off the dock by 7:00am. Sunny but cool morning morning. Very windy, but out of the southeast. Currents and wind was mostly in our favor today. When we get on the lower Wacamaw River the current is against us, but with a partial head sail out we are traveling north more than one knot over our normal cruising speed of 6 knots. This is with nearly one knot of current against us. One gust hits us pretty hard and slide knocks my laptop to the floor which I thought was somewhat secure.

Flying up the Wacamaw

We detour off the ICW to Prince Creek an anchorage we have never stopped at before, very remote and quiet. Mark and Karen continue on a couple miles more to an easier, less remote anchorage. We drop anchor at 5:30 after doing 75 miles today.

School Bus on the Wacamaw

Prince Creek all to our selves