Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Eleuthera, Rock Sound Day 5

Now that the cold front that produced the thunderstorms has moved east, we have a very pleasant day, low humidity and temperatures in the high 70's. For the last few days with temperatures in the mid 80's and high humidity we have been doing a lot of sweating. We are staying put one more day because the winds are blowing 15-20 knots out of the north, the direction we plan on heading. I have a number of projects to work on, the main one is resewing some of the UV degraded stitches on the Dodger, now that mother nature has done a thorough cleaning and before we take off and reapply the layer of salt.

From Google - "The Schneider surname was generally adopted by one who made outer garments; a tailor. From the the German verb schneiden, meaning "to cut." "  Well, can't get much more outer garment than a Dodger.
It is so nice not having salt on the bottom of our feet from walking on the boat, your feet just never feel dry.

This season in the Bahamas has been so windy we have worn out our Bahama Courtesy Flag in 2-1/2 months and 3 weeks of that we were sitting in Nassau. The upper flag is our new 2016 flag. The lower Flag is from our trip two years ago. The trailing edge has been re-sewn, but otherwise it is in good shape.
Our 2016 Bahama Courtesy Flag

Our 2013 Bahama Courtesy flag

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