Friday, April 15, 2016

Lynyard Cay, Sandy Cay

We decide to stay put for another day and dinghy two miles north to Sandy Cay, one of the best places in the Abacos for snorkeling. Sandy Cay is exposed to the ocean swells so it is often too rough to snorkel the reef there. Today the swells are not too bad. We tie up to one of the many dinghy moorings with a number of others. Very nice variety of corals and fish. The water is not real clear because of the waves and swell action.

After lunch we snorkel around our boat and try to adjust our masks better, we were both getting leaks. We discover Linda's new mask has a leak between the glass and mask. Hopefully I can seal it.

Art from “Salt Shaker” at Island Packet 40 swims over and as we are talking we see a squall approaching. He heads back to his boat. We get everything buttoned down for the approaching storm. It pours for over an hour and the wind is blowing in the 30's. I finally turn on the engine and leave it in neutral, just in case we start dragging because of the changing wind direction. 

Salt Shaker in squall
We stay put, maybe move 20 feet or so before the anchor resets. The boat is now completely washed off. Our VHF weather alarm keeps going off for squall warnings on the Florida coast. Finally calms down enough we are able to cook dinner on the grill. “Cay de Cay” comes in around dark from Spanish Wells and anchors near us, hopefully they were well south of the squall we had.

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