Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spanish Wells, Day 2

We decide to stay one more day to get ready for the full day sail north to the Abacos. Wayne and Betty leave late morning to head to Harbor Island about 10 miles east of here over the “Devils Back Bone”. This is an area of reefs and sand bars that was difficult to navigate prior to Chart Plotters and the Explorer Charts of the Bahamas. I don't have much interest in going there, so we will see them again up in the Abacos.

We take the dinghy into Spanish Wells and I refill an empty rail fuel tank. With all the wind in the last couple weeks we have not used much fuel. We stop by the Shipyard to check out the dinner menu and talk with a visiting couple from Montreal who are staying with a friend. They are having a drink before they paddle back on their two person kayak.

 Tom & Jean had invited us to Happy Hour at their place, so we get cleaned up and head there around 4:30 and plan to head over to the Shipyard for dinner after. Another two boat couples also join us for Happy Hour, George & Carolynn Chamberlain on “Indefatigable” a Whitby 42 and Doug & Karrie Kisling on “Cay de Cay” a Catamaran. Jean runs the local museum and the two couples met her there in the morning. 

Jean, Doug, Nile, Karrie, Doug, Tom, Linda & Carolynn

We have a good time visiting with fellow sailors and wind up staying later than planned. We decide to head back to the boat for dinner instead of motoring back in the dark, again.

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