Monday, April 4, 2016

Eleuthera,Rock Sound, Day 4

Had considered leaving today for Governors Harbor, but invoked the “Genie” rule. If there is any thunderstorms in the forecast stay put. Nassau has Thunderstorms forecasted and Governors Harbor is east of there. I take the dinghy and fill empty rail fuel tanks. Then we head to the dinghy dock at Wild Orchid to walk to the grocery store. We first stop at Wild Orchid and chat with two couples on catamarans.

After we return to the dinghy dock from the grocery store and load up the dinghy we can see rain starting to come across the bay. Before we leave the dock it starts to rain, by the time we get to the boat it is pouring. As hot as we are, we are enjoying it until we notice that we left two hatches open. We have a check list of what to do before we leave the boat, maybe we need bigger print! After we clean up the mess we put the groceries away. We have lunch and watch a few TV shows waiting for the rain to end. Well, is doesn’t and by 4:00 PM we are getting thunder and lightning and very heavy rains. The wind swings 360 degrees twice over the next two hours. One good thing about the heavy rain is it keeps the waves down.
This is better than taking the boat through a car wash.
The boat is now completely desalted. I put our Keen shoes on the deck to get the salt washed out of them, also.

I am sure glad I asked myself this morning “What Would Genie do”, thank you Genie! A couple boats left late this morning for Governors Harbor, I am looking forward to hearing how they made out.

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