Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cape May

We are up at 5:30 AM, sunrise and leave by 6:00. We start with a fair amount of wind and good speed and shortly there after pick up more speed from the ebbing tide. We top out at 9.7 knots (11.5 mph). We get to Cape May by 1PM, a 55 mile run. There are Small Craft Warnings so even though it is Sunday there are no fishing boats out. I don't know why, but it seems like every house fly in new Jersey came to greet us. We are constantly swatting flies and not really lowering the population. Miles from land, what the hell are all these house flies doing out here !

We even have a pretty good chop on the Cape May Canal because the wind is blowing directly down the length of the canal. We head into the South Jersey Marina. I don't care for the dock location because we have the wind pressing us against the dock and we are in a corner where we can not back out.

View from our table at the Lobster House
We later head over to the Lobster House for dinner. Being Sunday they have a good crowd. While we are there a 150 foot yacht “King Baby” comes down the narrow channel and all the diners are watching and taking pictures. 
King Baby docking

I am temped to point and say that is our boat over there to the other diners knowning they can barely see our boat past the Mega-yacht.
I google “King Baby” and quickly find out it is a charter boat, only $150,000 a week. Well, they tie up on the opposite side of our dock. All evening a parade of tourists walk by our boat to check out the Mega-yacht.


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