Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Smith Creek, Potomac, Day1

After looking at the wind forecast for the day I decide to stay at Smith Creek another night. The wind is suppose to pick up to 20-30 knots out of the north later in the day, the direction we are heading. We are nice and calm in our little creek and Linda thinks I'm nuts. I am having my doubts about the forecast being correct, but I stick to my original decision. After getting a bunch of chores done, defrosting the refrigerator, etc. we take the dinghy down the creek to Courtney's a local fish restaurant.

Courtney's resturant
Once we get into the lower creek we are running into white caps and it takes a lot of effort to keep us dry. Now my decision is looking pretty smart. We tie up to an adjacent dock to the restaurant and throw out a stern anchor so the dinghy does not bounce against the dock. Courtney's Restaurant is my kind of funky establishment. Run by a husband and wife in their 70's. It is at the end of a road on the water, not a place you just happen upon. We both get the fried oysters, very good. 

When we leave Courtney's it is even rougher. We both get wet heading back, but Linda gets the worse of it and changes her wet clothes when we get back to the boat. Later in the afternoon I see a sailboat coming up the creek with a messed up and torn head sail. Linda said they went out an hour ago when I was down below reading and/or snoozing and the head sail was furled just fine when they headed out.

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