Friday, June 3, 2016

Capital Yacht Club, Washington DC, Day 2

In the morning we go to the Air and Space Museum. I guess I'm too slow, Linda and Sabrina are finished by noontime and I am not even half way through. I figure I will see the rest later. The roads on both sides of the mall are lined up with buses. I guess this is class trip season, kids everywhere. Most museums have pretty good lines to enter for scanning people and backpacks. We were here two years ago in October and there were no lines or crowds.

Sculpture Garden
Albino Squirrel at the Pavilion Cafe

 We head over to the Pavilion Cafe at the NGA Sculpture Garden where we stopped yesterday for something to drink and noticed the interesting lunch menu. Actually, they have every lunch item on view in a glass case, better than a picture. The Cafe has glass walls so it is a nice air conditioned place for lunch and people watching.

We spend the afternoon in the American History Museum, but can barely do it justice in that amount of time.

American History Museum, Dodge Caravan
I guess we are officially old, when something we bought new is now in a museum.

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