Monday, June 6, 2016

Mattawoman Creek, Potomac

Manana at Mt. Vermon

Up and out by 8:00 AM. We stop again at the James Creek Marina for a pumpout, but find they don't open until 9:00 AM. I fill our water tanks while we wait for opening time. Two hours later we are anchored down stream at Mt. Vernon. 

We dinghy ashore. This is the one day they don't have a tour boat landing here, which I thought was a good thing. Unfortunately to buy tickets we have to walk to the other side of Mt Vernon to purchase them. After a few missed directions and about two hours of viewing exhibits and museums we finally make it to the entrance to pay for admission. Kind of go now pay later, for us. After touring the main house and some of the out buildings we went back to the theater at the entrance to see the movie that most people see first. No one there but us, this late in the day, so we get a private showing in the huge theater. We get back out to the boat and Linda realizes she left her Bahama hat in the theater. So back we go to the entrance theater, but doors are locked at this time. The cleaning personnel let us in and we find her hat at the counter tagged and ready to be sent to Lost and Found. So now we head backwards through the exit and have to explain that our ride is sitting out in the Potomac, not in the parking lot.

We motor for 3 hours and arrive back at Mattawoman Creek just after sunset.

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