Saturday, December 19, 2015

Prosperity Cove, North Palm Beach

Still very windy when we leave in the morning. Too rough for weekend fishing boats. No one is leaving the Pocket, but us. The other cruising boats are staying put and I considered doing so too. Once we get off the open water and into the confines of the narrow sections of the ICW we no longer have waves to contend with and the wind is less. Still very windy outside the confines of the ICW so I wanted to avoid anchoring on Lake Worth and avoid the wind and waves. I find a small cove down a residential canal in North Palm Beach that could hold 6 boats or so. We pull in there, a nice calm and quite respite. Not much wind due to the buildings and trees around the cove. One other large power boat is anchored, but leaves at sunset and we have the cove to ourselves. Showers off the back of the boat after dark. We sleep very well, the boat hardly moves all night.

Prosperity Cove, well named, North Palm Beach, where the "poor" folks live

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