Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fort Lauderdale - Star Wars

Up early for our pick up from Enterprise rental car. Day before Xmas they are obviously quite busy. We head out to a long day of shopping. First we go to another favorite and well know local hardware store McDonalds, great assortment of stainless steel hardware. I pick up a number of hard to fine items and hardware for a couple projects. Then on to BOW (Boat Owners Warehouse), a south Florida marine chain store that has good prices and some unique hard to find items. Next stop is the supposedly largest West Marine store, we skipped it last time, but stopped this time for a couple specific items I know they would have. Last stop in this area is “Sailorman” one of my favorite new and used (mostly used) marine stores. We find a couple items that the “big” West Marine did not have in stock. One new item Linda found was a LED miniature bayonet replacement bulb that I have been looking for, for the last three months. I had come to the conclusion no one made them, wrong. Now we have a decent light over our chart table. These four stores are within a few blocks of each other on a busy highway.

Next we take a 15 minute drive to Ikea, a well known marine supply store – NOT, but it is for us. They have these nice small thin woven rubber back mats that we like on the boat. Had some left from skiing last winter in Utah as boot mats, but wanted more. I also picked up some extra GU4 LED bulbs, which are superior to anything at West Marine or other marine suppliers for 1/3 the price. Then on to Walmart for oil for our Diesel engine, Rotella, which is about 40% less than any other marine supplier. Another quick stop at Lowes for a couple other items, extra solar garden lights, soon to be our “permanent” dinghy lights.

We head back to the boat for showers and then dinner at Mangos for their Swordfish special. We get the last couple orders before they run out. Then on to the Imax to see Star Wars.

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