Monday, December 14, 2015

Vero Beach - Musuem of Art

We took the rental car back. Ann and Jack came to the Marina with their RV and car which the parked. We then walked over the the Vero Beach Museum of Art, which we did not get to the last time we were here. They have an exhibit "Art of the Brick" that was pretty cool. I have seen photos of some of the exhibits, since they are fairly famous. At least to someone that has a grandson who was into Legos.
Ann, Linda, Jack in the back
Full of brick

We found this exhibit fascinating. The “Stick” horse is actually bronze with various patinas to match the coloring. Apparently the artist wanted something more permanent than sticks for her art.

Jack and Ann, we tried to tempted them with Mulligans Key Lime "Pie"
After we see all the museum exhibits, we walk to the beach and have a late lunch at Mulligans. Then back to the marina. Jack and Ann leave for Lake Placid.

Because of the unusually warm and humid weather we have been taking our showers at night before we go to bed, because by evening we are getting rather sticky.

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