Sunday, December 6, 2015


Another windy day, blowing from the north, but sunny and warm. We have a fast motor-sail to Titusville. We had planned on staying on the moorings at the Municipal marina, but with the white caps, I decide to anchor at another location that I had noticed on our last trip down. That time it was too rough to even pickup a mooring and we had to sail further south and anchor behind a bridge causeway for protection from the waves. This time we anchor behind a railroad causeway before Titusville. The long narrow anchorage was created from the material dredged to make the causeway. We go as far in as possible. What a transition, we quickly go from 20+ knot winds and white caps to, flat water and trees that block much of the wind. We have a calm night.

From our navigation app, we are anchored at the blue arrow, upper left corner. The two bridges are about two miles apart. The green line is our track into the anchorage

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