Sunday, December 13, 2015

Vero Beach - Visitors

We continue to put provisioning stuff away and clean up the boat. Our friends Steve and Joanne Payea former Vermonters who now live in Delray Beach come up for a visit. They brought a couple packages that we had delivered to their house. Joanne brings a very good lunch for us all and we spend the afternoon visiting on the boat while a few rain showers pass through. That evening we visit with another Vermont couple Jack and Ann Barnes (who both grew up in southern Florida). They retired about the same time we did and sold the house and are traveling in their RV. They are currently spending much their winter in Florida with Ann's mother in Lake Placid, Florida. They drove down in their RV and we meet them at a local very quiet RV park where we are meet them for dinner at the RV. Linda and I are quite interested in their RV, because that might be our next boat. Jack and Ann make a fabulous salmon dinner. 

Boy, our friends sure do feed us well ! We stayed late and play games, which made Linda very happy. Did not get back to the boat until 11:30 PM/

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