Sunday, October 7, 2018

Boat Show Day 2

We head into “Chick and Ruths” for breakfast, split another one of the large omlets, before heading to our second day of the boat show. Bought a few odds and ends. Most important item was a prop guard “Hydro-Shield” for the outboard which should help us get up on plane faster. Now I just have to install it.
The Boat Show

We have lunch again with John and Genie at the Fleet Reserve. We sit down with the Island Packet group which includes John and Genie, which gets us a ticket for a free roast beef sandwich. Nice to have important friends. Had dinner with John and Genie at a new to us place the “Iron Rooster”, very unique menu, the food was very good. We head back to the boat and start to clean up for leaving tomorrow morning. Hope to catch the 7:30AM Spa Creek Bridge opening before the 1-1/2 hour commuter shut down. 

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