Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hampton Pier, Newport News Marine-time Museum

Today we head to the Newport News Mariners' Museum to spend a rainy day there. Before we leave I reserve another night on the Hampton dock, because of high winds forecast for Sunday. The museum has the remains of the ironclad USS Monitor. The Monitor and Merrimack is the focus this museum. There is also extensive exploration of global maritime history.

Interior reproduction of the Merrimack

It it is still raining when we leave in the afternoon. We stop by a Costco and Food Lion to replenish our food stores.

We also stop by a Best Buy and a few other stores to look for 22” LED TV’s. The tuner in the one on the boat has died. Most of the TV we watch is by streaming over the internet either via WIFI or using our cell account on our iPads as Hot Spots. So our TV works fine for that or for video on thumb drives, so not having the tuner is not a big deal. It turns out that no one sells TV’s smaller the 24 inches any more, that also runs on DC voltage like a laptop with a AC to DC power supply “brick”. We have one at home, but not doing us much good here.

Manana with company

Hampton Reach

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