Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hampton Pier, Fort Monroe

Today is another museum day. Linda is just so excited, NOT. We have passed Fort Monroe on the southern end of Hampton many times, but never have visited there. Fort Monroe has a long history from the early 1800’s and was very important during the Civil War as a Union Strong hold in the South. Fort Monroe is the largest stone fort in the USA and only recently became a National Monument and was decommissioned in 2011. 


Fort Monroe

We tour the museum that is in a section of the wall of the old fort, actually in old gun emplacements that had been converted into offices and officer quarters. 

Between each arch was a gun emplacement

I am surprised that we drive into the fort over one of the many one car wide bridges over the surrounding moat. There are traffic lights for the one way at a time bridges. This place is huge inside, with lots of housing that is being put to private use as homes. The grounds outside the fort is another larger town, that was part of the military base, long after the fort was needed as a defensive position, but only as a training base. There are lots of World War I and II gun emplacements outside the fort just behind the beaches.


Foot bridge over the moat

The moat

WWII gun emplacement

On the beach

We stop for a late lunch at the “Deadrise” on the water on the fort grounds. The wind is blowing so hard we have a hard time opening the entrance door on the second floor deck. We split a fabulous and huge shrimp and scallop burrito. Head back to Hampton Pier and return our rental car.

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