Sunday, October 28, 2018

River Dunes

With the wind shifting to the west over night the anchorage has gotten much calmer. We decide to head south to River Dunes at the mouth of the Neuse River. I leave the windward side of the enclosure on to protect us from the west wind. Engine temperature is still running high at normal cruising speed. When I drop the RPM’s down from 1900 to 1600 the temperature drops to near normal. I pop out the headsail and we are moving at a pretty good pace down the Pungo River. When we reach the Pamlico River we jog west into the wind and furl the headsail, and our speed slows considerably for an hour or so before heading back south in the protected confines of Goose Creek and the dug canal connecting to Bay River and the Pamlico Sound. With the vinyl blocking the wind we are quite comfortable, without wearing foul weather gear. 

He does slow down and give a slow pass

RE Mayo, good place to stop for seafood

Pounding down the Pamlico sound

By 3:30 we pull into River Dunes a very protected marina in a man made basin. There are a lot of boats that relocated here because their home bases were damaged in the recent hurricanes. River Dunes consequentially is not lowering their prices to attract more southbound cruisers as they have done in past fall seasons. Very few southbound transients are currently here. The restaurant that we really like is closed for the two days we plan to be here. There is a new building with a Cafe that has opened that we will have to try tomorrow. This marina has the fanciest bathroom of any marina we have been to and hotels for that matter. Huge showers which includes a steam shower. Don’t know why anyone needs a steam shower in North Carolina and I am always afraid to turn it on and par-boil myself. After dinner on the boat we call our grand daughter who just turned 13, a teenager now, wasn’t she just born ?

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