Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cat, Bakery

Worked on a few projects on the boat in the morning. After lunch we walk with Mark & Karen to the local grocery store and on the way back we stop again at the Olives Bakery. 

Linda and Karen heading to the store

Olives Bakery, New Bight, Cat Island

They had these very good coconut cookies that Linda and I got on our last visit, but they only had one left, so I let Mark get the last one.

Mark still has some problems with his cooling system. We discuss possible causes and solutions. We think his water intake filter is not sealed tight and sucking in air and allowing the water pump to loose it prime when the engine is shut down. I make up an O-ring to fit and Mark also adds sealant to stop the leakage. We will see how that works tomorrow.

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