Friday, March 8, 2019

Long Island, Stella Maris

In the morning we continue our car travels to the north end of the island. We have breakfast at Stella Maris resort.

Very nice resort, but not a lot of guests, right now. Three years ago we were here and it was a little busier. A lot of the cottages and bungalows on the property are privately owned. On the way out we stop at the “Cave” a sign that we missed the last time we were here. Interesting, they obviously used it in the past to entertain their guests. 


Tables and a bar

We try to find Adderley Plantation Ruins which are on the map, but we do not find them where they are supposedly located. Later on Google Earth I do find the location, but too late for us to hike there.

We drive a little further north to Santa Maria Resort on the Bay side on the Island, a sandy beach resort very different from the rugged cliffs on the ocean side at Stella Maris. On the way back to return the car at 1:00PM we stop at a store for tomatoes and find a pint of Mango Ice cream, which we quickly ate.

Santa Maria Resort

Back on the boat in the afternoon we made a number of internet phone call back to the states.

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