Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Rock Sound, More Mango

I make Popovers for breakfast, but for some reason that I can’t figure out, they don’t pop. We wind up with crispy biscuits which Linda likes. 

We have had a lot of partially cloudy days which has made walking around quite nice without the sun beating down on us. The downside is I have to run the generator this morning to fully charge the batteries. 

We walk with Mark & Karen to the laundry for one load and then Halls for lunch. They have a “Take away” that is open just a couple days a week. Nothing looks to appealing, and since they don’t have tables we head back to Sammy’s for lunch. After lunch we head back to Hall’s grocery to buy pints of ice cream which we take over to the Pavilion at Ocean Hole to eat. 
Ice Cream Feast

Viewing area at Ocean Hole

Ocean Hole

I take Linda back to the boat and I take our propane tank to the Hardware store to get it refilled. One of their employees sees me coming and takes the tank which they fill about a block away from the store. He tells me I can pay at the store and he will drop the tank off at the dinghy dock at Frigates. On the way back I pick up the tank since I have our cart with me and it is a short distance to the dock. I then go to the Market Place to get a case of soda and find the store is closed. It’s 4:15 and the sign says closes at 5:00 PM. Ah, Bahama time. In the mean time Linda is on the boat cleaning a conch shell for her sister, downloading bank statements and making dinner.

Moon over Rock Sound

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