Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Rock Sound, Road Trip

Bahamian Breafast

We head in to town at 7:00 am to rent a car with Mark & Karen. Most of the cars on Eleuthera are used cars from Japan. They have right side steering and all the touch screen instructions are in Japanese, printed and verbal. Kind of hard to use the navigation software. We drive to Sammy’s for breakfast. 

They are suppose to be open at 7:00 am for breakfast, but they are closed, ah Island time. We noticed this rather funky food truck the other day so we stop there for breakfast. I have a good Bahamian breakfast, Grits and Sausage.  

Our goal today is to drive south to Lighthouse Point on the most southern point of Eleuthera. Disney has bought Lighthouse Point for a Cruise Ship port and entertainment facility. They will be donating 150 acres of the southern most point for a National Park. I assume they will be developing the area to the west of Lighthouse Point. There has been a lot controversy over this purchase, but will provide employment for local people. Only two miles north of this site is Princess Cays Cruise Ship port for cruise ship day visitors. Unfortunately for us the road just got too rough for the car we rented and we had to turn around. 
Getting ready to turn around

The next place we visit is “The Island School” where “students do college-level marine biology research in conjunction with research scientists”. I was hoping to get a tour of some of their facilities, but no one was available. I did wander around and got an informal tour of their fish growing tanks and edible plants that use the fish waste, from Iona a student from Ireland.

Fish tank aqua-culture

Plants growing in fish waste, clean the water

I thought this toilet was pretty cool. After you flush, clean water  runs into a sink on top of the toilet tank to wash your hands. The water then refills the tank for the next flush. Very effecient use of water.

From there we drive a mile west to Cape Eleuthera and the marina there, that we passed the other day on our sailboat. Just as we get there “Quiescence” is just pulling in. We knew they were going to spend two days there. We help tie up their dock lines before heading to the restaurant at the marina for lunch.


New golf course

We stop at Jacks Bay on the east shore heading back north. There is a development in progress there, homes, condos and a Tigerwoods 10 Holes short course, par 3. The club house is built and the golf course is under construction. The whole course is using grass sod, laid over some very sandy soil. Hopefully this will not be another Bahamian development gone bust.

We come back into Rock Sound and stop at Hall’s store. Their prices are better than the Market Place and they have almost as much variety. They have our now favorite Mango Fiesta ice cream that we found at Long Island. Even better, they actually have it in zero degree freezers. The Market Place keeps their ice cream in open top “freezers” only a degree or two below freezing, making it soft serve, yuck.

We stop by another beach on the ocean side of Rock Sound and I finally find my first “Sea Bean”. We return the car and head back to our boats for a quiet evening


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