Saturday, March 16, 2019

Rock Sound

About an hour before our planned departure time, 8:00 AM today’s cruise ship approaches just outside the harbor.

Ferry boats start heading out to the cruise ship and we decide to get moving at 7:30 before they off load anyone. 

We have a good motor-sailing day. The first few hours we were in deep dark blue water nearly 1,000 feet deep. When we approach and round Cape Eleuthera we cross the very visible light blue waters of the shallow banks. There are miles of shallow sandbars that are exposed at low tide. We arrive at Rock Sound and strangely there are no boats anchored in the harbor. A little while later we get a radio call from Quiescence, Kim and Kathy who we first met 5 years ago. I have been in touch with them via email and thought they would be here in the next couple days to hide out from the next weather system coming through. By late afternoon they, and quite a few other boats have arrived for the same reason. After they anchor I swing by and ask them if they would like to go to Sammy’s for dinner with us. Kim is busy cleaning two fish that he caught traveling over the deep water between the Exumas and Eleuthera. Later we all head to Sammy’s for dinner, a favorite of the locals.

Cathy, Kim, Mark, Karen & Linda at Sammys

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