Sunday, January 27, 2019

GHC Shelling Beach

We walk into town to do some food shopping. Too windy to take the dinghies over. 


A&L Grocery, the left wing was added since our last visit 3 years ago

For lunch we all head to the Beach Club. Phil from Desperato II, joins us. Phil is single handling a 40 foot C&C. I had been in contact with Frenchie telling her that Phil was interested in signing up for “My Island WiFi”.

On our way walking over to the Beach Club, Frenchie picks up Linda and Sabrina and gives them a ride over. Then she comes back to pick up Phil and I who hadn’t yet left the marina. Once we are all at the Beach Club, she sets Phil up for My Island WiFi over a beer. How is that for customer service.


Frenchie, Phil, Phil, Mark, Karen, Stephnie, Sabrina


Frenchie getting Phil connected to the Internet

Shelling Beach

After lunch Linda, Sabrina, Phil and I walk south to Shelling Beach. We do not get back to the Marina until 6:00 PM.

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