Sunday, January 13, 2019

GHC, Golf

Linda had a hard time sleeping last night. It seems we have have gotten sand fleas on our sheets. So we strip the bed and Linda washes, sheets, blanket and towels. I make banana pancakes for Sunday breakfast.

Since we have a cloudy over cast day I decided it is a good time to try nine holes of golf. Back in the late 60’s a developer build the marina here, 18 hole golf course, airport, restaurants, etc. Great Harbour was very popular with wealthy celebrities in the 70’s, but they did not have enough business to be really successful. The golf course was not kept up. By the 80’s the Columbian drug trade had come to Great Harbour and much of the northern Bahamas. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 caused a lot of damage, destroyed the Club house and lots of homes that were never rebuilt. Today the local US home owners pay someone to mow 9 holes of the original golf course, but no other work is done on the course. The greens are as rough as the fairways. Some greens don’t have holes and/or pins. 

The old Club House, apparently the locals used it as a hounted house for Halloween

I brought a 5 iron, 7 iron and putter. I thought I had grabbed a 9 a iron, but it turned to be a 6 iron, oops. I brought a bag of golf balls to loose. 

Some of the "greens" require a wedge and putter

I played better than anyone here, because I was the only one playing today. A good thing, it would have been embarrassing. On the other hand I could play 3 balls on some holes without holding any one up. Fortunately I found almost as many balls as I lost or I would been done by hole 4. If you don’t keep the ball on the fairway, most times you will never see that ball again. If it rolls off the fairway you have a 50-50 chance of finding it. Some places you could loose the ball in the middle of the fairway. This course in its day was considered one of the 25 best in the world and very challenging. Well this course still has the very challenging mantel, in spades. 

Hole 6 along the beach

While I was pretending to “play” golf Linda was playing cards with Mark and Karen.


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