Thursday, January 17, 2019

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The Main dock

I have a list of things to work on today, ahead of finding out what the problem with the outboard is. When I finally get to the outboard. I remove the carburetor to check a leak I have been noticing around the fuel pump that is part of the carburetor. The fuel pump diaphragm has a leak around one of the screw holes. Not a part I am going to find around here. I email the Marine store where we bought the outboard in Nassau to see if they have the part in stock, since we will be there in two weeks. I also find the part on Amazon and have it sent to Linda’s sister Sabrina who is visiting us next week. I put some silicone on the leaking area of the diaphragm and put everything back together. I will let it set overnight before testing in the morning.

Tonight’s Pizza night is canceled because the pizza makers don’t have enough materials to make pizza until the supply boat gets in next week. This supply boat delay is now getting serious. Now I have to bake our own pizza, it’s OK, but not as good as the one we had last week.

Linda on my safety line

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