Sunday, January 20, 2019

GHC, Cold Front

A cold front is forecast to pass through the Bahamas today. Tracking weather Radar we can see exactly when it will pass through our area. There is lightning along the front. I use a website that shows lightning strikes in real time, from satellites so we can see what is coming. We do a lot of clean up and putting things away. I add more dock lines and put our vinyl enclosure back up, more to get it washed than anything else. By the time the front reaches us around 1:00PM all we get is wind and rain. Most of the lightning passes to our south. 

It is interesting that the northern end of the front running into Canada is dumping snow on our house in Vermont. Lots of happy skiers up there.

East Coast Cold Front

Squall in Great Harbour

Fun in Vermont, Smugglers Notch Ski Area

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