Friday, May 24, 2019

Baltimore Aquarium

Walking to the Marina Office

We plan to spend the day at the National Aquarium, we were last here 5 years ago in June, it is much more crowded this time. The Friday before Memorial Day must be student trip day. It was loud and crowded until early afternoon. 

On the way to the National Aquarium

Mid-afternoon we head back to the boat. Linda does laundry and I get the boat pumped out. I also do an engine check. I find a loose nut under the engine. I found one a couple days ago and assumed it was one I previously dropped and the engine vibrations made it slide down in the tray under the engine. A second loose nut, I better do a more thorough check. I find both nuts were from two of the four bolts connecting the prop shaft flange to the transmission flange. The remaining two nuts were starting to loosen. Normally you should use thread locker on these nuts, but I thought I might have to do another engine alignment once we were on our way last Fall so I did not, to make it easier to remove. Obviously too easy, after 600 or so engine hours they were doing a self-removal. Certainly shows the value of daily engine checks.

Transient dock all to ourselves

We head to dinner to the water front Gordon Biersch Brewery and split the Chicken Schnitzel, excellent meal.

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