Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ingram Bay Marina

We leave at 7:30 with a pretty good west wind. We have to head east for about 1-1/2 hours down the York River before we can start sailing north and take advantage of the wind. With full sails we shut down the engine for a couple hours until the wind swings to the north on our nose.

When it swings east we sail some more. Cool day we have fleece on for much of the day. We originally planned to stop at Fishing Bay Yacht Club one of our favorite stops, but it would be early in the day so we decide to continue on to Reedville and Mill Creek. I would like to go into Reedville, but we are always afraid the Menhaden Fish plant will be blowing their stink our way. Mill Creek just to south is a safe distance away and a very protected and peaceful creek. Before Mill Creek we head into Ingram Bay Marina for fuel and a pumpout. 

Entering Ingram Bay Marina

As happens, all to often, after we fuel up, the dock hand tell us the pumpout is not working. The marina has good reviews and is only $1.25 foot, so we decide to stay. At least I can download some TV shows on the WiFi. Later after we are tied up, I find their WiFi is near useless.

Calm Creek

Later I check on Marine Traffic for friends with AIS. I see that Martin and Dinise, SKUA, are anchored in Reedville. I inquire about the odor, not too bad where they are.

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