Monday, May 13, 2019


We had planned to leave today, but it is suppose to rain and it is quite rough out on the Chesapeake, so we decide to stay another day. All the other boats in the basin stay put too. After breakfast I head over the nearby Marriott for a WiFi session. We had hoped to get haircuts, but most shops are closed on Monday.

Just as we are making lunch Bob and Linda, out for their afternoon walk stop by. They had planned to leave today also, but the weather kept them at the marina. After lunch, Linda and I walk to their marina to visit with them on their boat for a couple hours. We decide to go to Thai Basil a recommended restaurant, but they are closed on Monday, so back to Legend Depot. We are now regulars. Another good dinner with a nice Porter.

Bob & Linda studying the menu

Our dock is underwater by a few inches, because of a high spring tide. We had hoped it would of gone down while we were at dinner, but no such luck. Linda and I take off our shoes and walk through the water to climb up on our boat which is now even higher from the dock. Bob and Linda get a laugh.


Flood tide

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