Thursday, May 23, 2019


We catch the 7:00 AM opening of the Spa Creek bridge. It is surprisingly rough once we get out on the Bay.

Heading to Baltimore

We have one short period wave break broad side on our starboard side and slop water into our cockpit. Never had that happen before. As we turn downwind, heading north, we are making good speed on just our headsail. 

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Once we get an hour or so north the wind start to slow down and we are back to motor-sailing.

Fort McHenry


Entering the Inner Harbor

We arrive at our Marina in the inner harbor at 11:00 AM. After lunch on the boat we take a Uber to the Museum of Industry, recommended by some locals. It was interesting, but too many things had no labels, signs or video, explaining what they were or how they were used. For a young person or non-engineer some of it must be like walking through someones attic.

We decide to walk back to our boat, keeping our eye on the weather radar for an approaching thunderstorm. We duck into a mall on the water front just ahead of a quick down pour. The shower was quick and we continued on to the “Fleming” a steak place that had a great happy hour last time we were here, 5 years ago. The bar area use to be full, right after they opened at 5:00 PM. This time we are the only ones there. Their Happy Hour is not as happy as it use to be.

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