Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cape May

We leave at 6:30 in a slight fog with about 1 knot of current on our nose. By 8:00 we pop out on the Delaware and immediately get a 1.5 knot boost down stream. Nice easy, boring day motor-sailing down the Delaware. 

Down the Delaware

Much more propulsion from the engine than the wind. Very calm day for the Delaware. When wind and current opposes each other it can get rather rough.

Empty tanker passing us

Ship John Lighthouse


Cape May Ferry

The current turns against us for the last hour or two, but we arrive at Cape May around 3:00 pm and anchor in front of the Coast Guard Station.

Soon after sunset we start getting tornado and thunderstorm warnings. One thunderstorm passes just to our north and another passes just to our south although we still get some heavy wind and rain.

That's close enough

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