Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cambridge, Coral Garden

In the morning I defrost the refrigerator. I also work on another problem I have been having for a couple months, is water accumulating under the engine bilge, which then runs into the main bilge. I have assumed it was from a leaking raw water cooling pump, but I have been noticing that water has been coming from the stern. So I empty out the two stern lockers and climb down in, to inspect the cockpit scupper drain stern fitting. 

Man in the hole

When we are motoring the stern of this boat drops lower in the water and the scupper stern drain fitting is right at the water line. Since the drain fitting is off center on the stern, to the starboard side it is in the water when we are motor-sailing and heeled to starboard. I noticed one of the hose clamps is loose. I had replaced the stern drain fitting after our last trip south and apparently did not re-tighten one of the hose clamps. Since we rarely motor-sail on Lake Champlain not much water would have entered the boat from there.

Mark (splash), Karen & Robert

After we clean everything up and have lunch we head out with everyone for another drift snorkel, then we head east to the “Coral Garden”. Once we arrive there I remember that we had snorkeled here on our first trip here 5 years ago. From there we head south to another island Compass Cay to find Racheal’s Bubble Bath. This is a tidal pool where the waves from the ocean side comes up over the rocks into the pool kind of like a Jacuzzi. We don’t quite make it there since we would have had to hike a little further and no one wants to put their shoes back on. We are tired and are in bed by 9:00PM

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