Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Nassau Harbour Club

Early start, the three boats are on our way at 7:30 AM heading for Nassau, a 45 mile run. Good wind and we sailed all the way on a close reach. Mark, “Sea Vu Play” was in the lead and was miles ahead of us by the time Bellaventure and Manana reach the Nassau harbor. Found out later Mark’s anchor dragged a little last night, so he did not get much sleep keeping an eye on it, so they were in a rush to get to the marina in Nassau. A rather cool day with mixed sun and clouds and 15 knots or so of wind. We have fairly large following swells since we are in deep water on the ocean, not the shallow banks.

Trade wind run south to Nassau

The Rolly seas makes the autopilot work hard and I hand steer for some of the trip. We are maintaining nearly 6 knots and Linda wants me to motor-sail, but I refuse to run the engine to gain at best another knot of speed. We will arrive plenty early at this pace.

Passing Nassau Cruise ship dock


Manana at Nassau Harbor Club

We get into the Nassau Harbour Club at 3:00 PM and we all have happy hour around the pool, before walking to East Villa (Chinese) for dinner. Linda and I had been to East Villa on our last trip here, a 3 week “Visit” while getting our new rudder manufactured, shipped and installed. We stop by “Fresh Market” a supermarket comparable to Whole Foods in the US, but much more expensive.

We walk pass Starbucks our WiFi hangout on our last trip. Since we are using “My Island WiFi”, we have a much faster connection.

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