Thursday, February 14, 2019


We get up at 6 and I make an early trip into the Headquarters to down load email and get the latest weather forecast. 

Dinghy dock at Park Headquarters

We leave by 8:30 with Sea Vu Play and Bellaventure for Cambridge. There is no wind and we head out to the ocean side for a nice couple hours of motoring to Cambridge. We picked up a mooring at 10:30AM. The Cambridge host boat “Privateer” is a large trawler that we met last fall at Thunderbolt Marina near Savannah. They told us at the time they were going to be hosts at Cambridge for the month of February.

In the afternoon we all do a drift snorkel south of the mooring field in the channel between islands. There are some fabulous areas of coral and fish, but timing slack current makes it difficult. It is overcast, so I don’t bother to take many pictures. 

It starts raining and we head back to the boat. By the time we get off our wet suits we are rather chilled, so we have hot chocolate and amaretto our favorite winter drink back in Vermont. Since it is Valentines Day we have a steak for dinner.

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