Saturday, February 2, 2019

GHC, Bike to Shelling Beach

Right after breakfast I take the dinghy over to the fuel dock to fill one can of gas and one can of diesel. The dock is very high off the water for a dinghy, so it takes some effort to get myself up on the dock. I walk over to the office to find they are closed. I don’t need the extra fuel that badly, so I give up and head back to the boat.


When I get back I walk over to the bike shed and talk with the owner of a power Cat here. He is quite the bike mechanic. Previously there was only 3 or 4 functioning bikes when he gets done there are 8. The biggest problem is flat tires. Apparently there are a lot of thorns on the island, so he has replaced a lot on inner tubes. I take one of the bikes in to town to pick up a few items at the the store. They were out of butter, so I thought I bought margarine. Turns out it was vegetable spread, yuck !



After lunch we ride to Shelling beach with Mark & Karen for low tide. If sand dollars were worth a dollar I would be rich, they are all over the place at low tide.

Shelling Beach

On the way back we make our last stop at the Beach Club for a drink. Back at the boat Linda cleans shells and gets the boat ready for leaving tomorrow. A multi-day nice weather window is coming up so a lot of boats are leaving tomorrow. Left over pizza for dinner tonight. Since it was delivered cold the other night it will be much better heated up in our oven.

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